CES Symposium – Exercise Science Reviewed 2012

February 10th: the 2nd Symposium “Exercise Science Reviewed” took place at the University of Potsdam, Am Neuen Palais 10. An audience of about 40 people and some cake and coffee attended the Symposium which was conducted by the 2nd cohort of CES-students and the support of the University Outpatient Clinic team.

An initial presentation by a guest lecturer Prof. Dr. Kemmler was held about: “Implementation of athletic principles into health sport programs – A review of prospects and limitations”.

The following main chapter of the symposium was composed of presentations on 6 systematic reviews conducted by the young CES-students. The topics revealed from varying research questions. “The Effects of Plyometric Exercise”- Hain, G.; “Osteoporosis and Sport: A Systematic Review on the Outcomes of Different Training Strategies”- De Souza Silveira, R.; ”The Effectiveness of Exercise Therapy in the Treatment of Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain”- Korkor Appiah-Dwomoh, E.; “Conservative Treatment Effectiveness on Shoulder Instability”- Wochatz, M.; “Effectiveness of Conservative Treatment for Patellar Tendinopathy”- Venner, S.; “Functional Effects of Sensory Motor Training after ACL Injury”- Wernicke, S..

The Symposium was closed by the finalising acknowledgements towards everybody who was involved in the conduction of the Symposium, the evening was spend at the afterwards dinner in a cosy restaurant nearby, where everybody celebrated the successfully completed event.

Further Information about the Symposium’s program can be found in the appendant booklet.

Abstract booklet symposium