CES Symposium – Exercise Science Reviewed 2016

The sixth cohort of the Clinical Exercise Science program would like to express our gratitude for the opportunity to present our projects in the symposium. We express our appreciation towards Prof. Dr. F. Mayer and his co-workers in the Department of the Outpatient Clinic at the University of Potsdam for their guidance and support.IMG_8785oM Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the support and collaboration of our supervisors and lecturers: Prof. Dr. F. Mayer, Dr. M. Cassel, Dr. P. Kotsch, P. Krause, Dr. A. Krickhahn, Dr. O. Moser, J. Müller and A. Salzwedel. A special thank you to our guest speaker Eduardo Martinez for contributing to our symposium with his attendance and his enriching presentation. We further recognize the assistance and support throughout the Symposium’s program by the following chairpersons: T. Engel, Prof. Dr. Völler, Dr. S. Müller, Dr. A. Krickhahn. Likewise we want to thank C. Otto and J. Müller as Course Coordinators for guidance in our first semester; I. Krägermann for organisational assistance; and the five other cohorts for supporting us by sharing their previous experience. And last but not least we would like to Thank all attendees who have been at the Symposium.


The Clinical Exercise Science Cohort 6th