Dr. med. Michael Cassel


Areas of Specialization

  • Medical counseling of elite athletes
  • Outpatient consultation
  • Biomechanical analyses


European Interdisciplinary Society for Clinical and Sports Application (EISCSA) 

Scientific Curriculum Vitae

Year Function and facility
2010 Dissertation at the University of  Saarland, Homburg
Since 2007 Outpatient Clinic of University of Potsdam, research assistant
2000 – 2007     Study of Medicine at University of Saarland, Homburg
2007 Licensure for medical doctor
2007 Inner Medicine at Johanniter Hospital, Stendal
2005 – 2006 Surgery Bruderholz Kantonsspital, Basel
2005 Orthopedical Outpatient Clinic of University of Saarland, Homburg
2003 – 2004 Study abroad (Erasmus) at Università di Perugia, Italy