Tuition fees

There are no tuition fees for the CES program despite the administration fee of the University of Potsdam, which currently amounts to approximately 300 Euros per semester and includes a semester ticket for the public transport in Potsdam and Berlin.


The University of Potsdam does not offer scholarships for the Masters/PhD program Clinical Exercise Science. An overview of various types of funding is given by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).   

Diploma issued after the deadline

In the case that you will receive your diploma after the application deadline, you should submit the certificate of your latest degree and a copy of your most recent transcript. If you have not yet obtained a degree, please indicate the date when you expect it to be conferred. Candidates who have been accepted to the program need to submit their diploma (or a transcript indicating that the Bachelor’s degree has been conferred) before courses start in October. Otherwise, enrolment at the University of Potsdam will not be possible.

Transcripts / Records of Study

Academic transcripts are records of your academic qualifications. If your university does not issue official transcripts, prepare a list of all lectures, seminars, courses, etc. that you have attended (listed for each term). Add confirmation of your participation in the courses, signed either by the supervisor of the respective course, or by an official of your university (for example, the dean’s or registrar’s office).

Certified copies

Certified copies are copies of your original documents bearing a signature and stamp or seal which indicates that the copy is identical to the original document. Certified copies can be issued, for example by the dean’s or registrar’s office of your university, the German Embassy, or a public notary.

English proficiency

TOEFL test results can be submitted in order to demonstrate English language proficiency. You will need at least 550 points on the handwritten, 213 points on the computer-based test or at least 780 points on the internet-based TOEFL test. Equivalent language proficiencies are: Unicert Level III, IELTS (at least 6 points in every category), ALTE 4, CFE C1. If you did further tests or have further documents which demonstrates your English skills the examination board will decide about equivalence.

No proof of English proficiency by an English test is required for applicants who are native English speakers or are coming from an anglophone country. For all other applicants, it is mandatory to submit proof of English proficiency. This can be done by submitting the results of a standardized test such as TOEFL or IELTS.