The main focus of the Masters and Ph.D. program is the acquisition of research based and occupational skills for professions in the field of exercise, prevention and rehabilitation. The program is divided into clinical applications for patients as well as for recreational and high-performance athletes. Emphasis is put on a theoretical, methodological and experimental academic education.

The scientific curriculum encompasses the effects of physical activity in disease prevention and rehabilitation, with the focus on exercise physiology and physical therapy. The practical education entails collaborations with hospitals, in- and out-patient rehabilitation clinics as well as with the regional Olympic Sports Centre and the University where medical care is provided for athletes and students. 

Participants will learn the skills required for leading positions in health services and academic careers. The aim of the Masters program is to develop an interdisciplinary approach to practical and scientific collaboration between various health science professions. The aim of the Ph.D. program is to acquire the skills necessary for independent research and academic teaching.