Monique Wochatz






Topic of Thesis


Scientific Curriculum Vitae

Year Function and facility
Since 10/2011 Study of “Clinical Exercise Science” at the University of Potsdam
2010 – 2011 Stay in New Zealand with purpose to improve language skills
Since 11/2009 Sporttherapist in “Sport-Gesundheitspark e.V. in Berlin
2007 – 2010 B.A. Study of Sports therapy and Prevention at the University of Potsdam

Conference Abstracts:

Scharhag-Rosenberger F, Wochatz M, Otto C, Mayer F, Scharhag J. Are lactate thresholds affected by wearing a mobile respiratory gas analysis system during treadmill tests? Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34(5): S57, 2011.